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~Debra Poneman & Marci Shimoff


Are you committed to having miracles, but feeling a little frustrated with your results so far? Are you stuck in figuring out your miracle intentions or how to word them?  Do you have trouble feeling self-love and self-compassion? Do you find yourself overwhelmed or procrastinating? Are you sabotaging your own success? Do you have a hard time forgiving and letting go?


If you have challenges, Year of Miracles Coaching can help you!

$147 per month includes 2 one-on-one
Year of Miracles Coaching sessions

Register NOW! Space is limited! Choose 1 - 9 months.

Although we’ve designed Your Year of Miracles program to be completely self-sufficient, we know that some people work best with one-on-one coaching.  You’ve been asking us for a recommendation for the right coach as an adjunct to this program. We have her!  As the program consultant for Your Year of Miracles, Leila Reyes is uniquely qualified to give you powerful and effective personal coaching based on this program.  She is masterful at lovingly guiding you so that your blocks melt away, your miracles multiply and your heart opens to your own greatness.   We love Leila and we’re sure that you will too.  (Note: Leila has graciously offered a very reduced rate for our participants.)

I am a program consultant and certified coach for “Your Year of Miracles” program and have years of experience using the tools and exercises you’re learning.  For ten years I’ve coached women from every walk of life and with every challenge imaginable, all with tangible results.

I have personally helped women break through their limitations, fall in love with themselves, and live joyful and fulfilling lives.

If you need or want personalized attention I can help you break through any blocks or challenges standing between you and your miracles.

My coaching will make a powerful difference in your life and in your creation of miracles!

  • Getting clear on what you really want
  • Working through your fears, unworthiness, or self-doubt
  • Learning how to be your own support and best friend
  • Breaking through feeling stuck or blocked
  • Increasing your self-love and compassion
  • Overcoming overwhelm and procrastination
  • Forgiving and letting go

Yes! I would like Year of Miracles Coaching with Leila Reyes!

$147 per month includes 2 one-on-one
Year of Miracles Coaching sessions

Space is limited! Choose 1 - 9 months.

Register NOW!  Since there is only one of me, space is very limited.  I'll work with people on a first come, first served basis. 

I’ll send you a link to my calendar so you can conveniently schedule your Miracle Coaching sessions with me.  You can schedule your 2 sessions any time in a 30 day period (let me know if you can't find an appropriate time for you on my calendar).

If you have any questions, please email me at Leila@LeilaReyes.com or call 415-456-4708 to schedule a complimentary 5-10 minute consultation to see if coaching can help.

I’m looking forward to being your personal coach and supporting and guiding you in creating all of your miracles this year.

Miraculously Yours,

Here's What Others Have Said:"

You made a difference in my life when it was hard to have faith. I never thought a complete stranger could provide such support and guidance in the middle of my sadness, fear, grief, anger and worry, but you helped me through one of the roughest times of my life. Now I’m feeling hopeful as I practice extreme self-care. I don’t know how I had the guts to reach out to you, but you listened in exactly the way I needed. Thank you Leila! ~Mary D.

I found Leila’s counsel to be targeted, insightful, and encouraging. To my pleasure, the goals I set have been realized. While life changes are a work in progress, the steps that are needed to succeed are in place. I appreciate Leila for her insight, words of wisdom, and expert guidance. Our journey together has been productive and I am very grateful. Thank you Leila! ~Vicky.

From the moment I started working with Leila, I started understanding my blockages and self-sabotage without judgment. I acquired tools of awareness that I’m using on a difficult journey. Leila’s support and openness is giving me courage to discover what is necessary to manifest the life I really desire – the life I am just now dreaming about in ways that were impossible before. ~Shannon, C., Texas

I‘m doing well! I just got offered my dream job and will be moving to the ocean when my house sells. I’m in a budding relationship with a top notch guy who treats me with love and respect. I am a better person. I believe it is because I was able to work through and release some things during your coaching. Thank you, Leila! ~Bonnie L.

A lot of positive things have happened since working with you. I’m still assimilating and evaluating my experience and the impact you have had on my life. I am not the same person; my confidence and self-esteem has soared and I feel happier than I can ever remember feeling. It’s wonderful! Our coaching relationship is a significant factor in my journey to happiness and I will never be able to thank you enough for your wise words.~M.S., England

I loved our sessions! Your intuitive questioning shed light on a limitation I though I had already moved through and has brought much more clarity for me. I thought you were brilliant when you asked me if I was willing to inconvenience others to share my gifts, because I always felt I was an inconvenience and that I needed to hurry up and say what I have to say.  I now have the clarity that when I hold back what I have to share, others will be missing out.  It’s amazing what happens when I have loving support.  Thank you Leila! ~ Kony

Leila helped me follow my heart and be authentic to what is in me. She was supportive and reinforcing of my inner-guidance when I was feeling confused and uncertain about my life direction. I had so many insights, but the biggest is the confidence of knowing I am worth loving. I have a daily practice of nurturing who I am. Thank you Leila for your friendly attention and words of encouragement. ~Norma M., California

With Leila’s support I have dug myself out of a very dark place, went back to school, graduated with honors, and created a new career for myself that thrills me. Leila has helped excite and ignite a passion in me for my own life I never thought possible. ~Rhonda Belous, Canada

I AM LIVING MY DREAM!  With Leila’s loving support, I had the courage to leave my job to follow my dream of becoming a bodyworker.  This support gives me the courage to keep going, to stay positive, and to keep my energy positive as I develop my business and draw in new clients.  Thank you, Leila! ~ Mary H., Dublin 

Yes! I would like Year of Miracles Coaching with Leila Reyes!

$147 per month includes 2 one-on-one
Year of Miracles Coaching sessions