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I’m really glad you stopped by this special corner I’ve put together.

It’s a place for anyone who’s felt the shadow of childhood sexual abuse – whether that’s you finding  your own way to healing, someone looking to make things right, the incredible folks helping others through their recovery, or the supportive loved ones standing by with so much understanding and care.

I’ve gathered some things here that I really hope can light the way for you. There are books that moved me and might just touch your heart too, articles that shed light on the science of healing, exercises, and courses that can help you reflect and grow – all sorts of stuff, really.

To me, the most important thing is this simple truth:

Healing is possible for everyone!

No matter if you’re dealing with the aftermath, trying to mend what’s been broken, or supporting someone through that journey, I’m here to wrap you in all the love and support I’ve got. I truly believe that magic happens when sincerity, effort, and compassion come together – whether you’re on this path alone or with others.

We’re in this together.

This spot, it’s more than just a collection of resources; I intend for it to be a community of hearts and souls moving towards something better. Your bravery, resilience, and openness to healing inspire me every single day.

So welcome, my friend, to your next step towards a brighter, whole you.

Most of these resources are from my book. I’ll add relevant resources as I find them. Let me know if a link doesn’t for you and I’ll get the resource to you another way.