Getting to Know Each Other

My 3-Fold Commitment to You!

  1. I will only bring you what I know works.
  2. I will always relate to—and remind you of—the inherently whole sacred being that you are.
  3. I will consistently hold you in love.

Hello and Welcome! I’m Leila Reyes and I’m happy to connect with you. I’ve always believed relationships to be an important aspect of our humanity and necessary for our overall happiness so it was deeply painful to have happy healthy relationships elude me. One would think that being a highly trained and skilled relationship coach, I would have the best relationships, but I didn’t!

Everything changed when I discovered that it’s not what happened to me as a child that impacted my life the most, rather it was the reactive habitual patterns I perpetuated on myself long into adulthood that created the most difficulty and pain.

As soon as I was willing to see myself as the creator of my experience and honestly look at who I was being, the quality of my relationships began to change. Now I experience my relationships as both happy and healthy.

Relationships are often a complicated and difficult journey to navigate, but they don’t have to be. I now have a map that has helped thousands of people create happy healthy relationships in ways they never expected and I’m happy to share it with anyone who asks!

I’ve been blessed to worked with and be mentored by some of the top female thought leaders of our time including Marci Shimoff, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Debra Poneman, and Debbie Ford. 

My training includes:

  • Masters in Social Work
  • Graduate of Hakomi, a body centered psychotherapy
  • Master Certified Integrative Professional Coach

I hold certifications in:

  • Conscious Uncoupling™ created by Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Calling in “The One” created by Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Spiritual Divorce created by Debbie Ford
  • Best Year of Your Life  by Debbie Ford

I am the lead miracles coach for Your Year of Miracles and lead small groups guiding people to create conscious relatedness. I’m currently available for interviews on podcasts and to speak at conferences.

I published my first book, Freedom from Shame: Trauma, Forgiveness, and Healing from Sexual Abuse. This book includes personal stories and brings together much of what has helped me on my own journey in exercises that can really make a difference in your relationships, starting with the most important one you have – with YOU!