Welcome to The Freedom Project

I’m so glad you found your way here. The Freedom Project is a heart-led initiative that’s all about bringing people together to evolve beyond the impact of childhood sexual abuse. It’s a place where your story and your voice can truly make a difference – not just for you, but for others walking a similar path.

Who’s Invited?

This is a safe space for everyone who’s felt the shadow of this experience in their lives. All are welcome.

  • Survivors: If your childhood or adolescence was touched by sexual abuse, your story can be a beacon of hoe and courage for others.
  • Those Looking to Make Things Right: If you’ve caused harm and are on a path to understanding and amends, your journey towards change is valuable and needed. If you’re not on the path, but want to be, then step in.
  • Supportive Friends or Family Members: If your life has been impacted by a loved one’s experience, your insights and support are crucial pieces of the healing puzzle.

Sharing with Care & Privacy

I get it – sharing something so personal can be daunting. The vast majority impacted by childhood sexual abuse have never shared their experience with anyone. Healing started for me when I began talking, and sharing your story can ignite your healing as well. I offer you the choice to share your story anonymously if you prefer. Here, you can speak your truth in a way that feels comfortable and safe for you.

How to Participate

Currently, you can share your story two ways:

  1. Use the contact page to send a private message to me.
  2. If you choose to share using the comment section below, please be aware that others will read your story.

I’ll be adding a PO Box in June 2024 for those who want to remain truly anonymous.

As The Freedom Project grows, so will the ways you can engage.

Shared Agreements

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories and want you to feel free to express yourself authentically. Share your story from your own personal experience and responsibility.

If you don’t agree with my ideas or methodology, then there are plenty of other places for you to seek healing and solace. With love and compassion, I invite you to find the right place for you.

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