The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.   ~Mahatma Gandhi

How do I decide which program is right for me?

While the main consideration when choosing between Spiritual Divorce and Conscious Uncoupling™ is whether or not you have decided to leave your relationship, there is a bit to sort through.

Please use the button to the left to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. I can get related to what’s happening and help you decide. I’m also happy to share any resources that might help you.

Why work with Leila?

Not only did I co-create the Conscious Uncoupling™ coach training program with Katherine Woodward Thomas as my intern project for my masters degree in social work, I was personally trained by her and served as her Training Director for 5 years contributing to training and/or certifying over 500 of her coaches.

In addition to a professional relationship with Katherine, she has also become one of my dearest personal friends and has mentored me in integrating her highly transformational work into my own life giving me an intimate leading behind-the-scenes edge in helping you do the same.

Choose Spiritual Divorce if you haven’t left yet.

Choose Spiritual Divorce created by Debbie Ford if:

  • You want to save your relationship or be confident in your decision to leave.
  • You want a new empowered relationship with your religious upbringing.
  • You want completion with a difficult relationship.
  • You want a better relationship with a parent, child, friend, or colleague.

I was personally trained by Debbie Ford, served as one of her Mentor Coaches, and have taken hundreds of people through the Spiritual Divorce process.

Choose Conscious Uncoupling™ if you’ve already left.

Choose Conscious Uncoupling™ created by Katherine Woodward Thomas if:

  • You’re leaving (or have left) your relationship and want to do the right things for the right reasons.
  • You want to minimize the damage to those impacted by your breakup, including yourself.
  • You’re willing to create agreements where everyone wins.
  • If you have kids and want them to be okay!