The Law of Creation frees you to consciously step out of self-imposed limitations and into the infinite wonder of what is possible for your life. When you have integrated the other six spiritual laws, you will be well on your way to a healed heart and in the perfect position to go for what you desire.

Once you have forgiven and broken the painful ties that bind you to the past, you will be in the perfect place to create from clear ground. You deserve to be free from the pain of the past and to live with an open, loving, and trusting heart. It may be hard work for you, but I guarantee you that if you make the commitment to heal your heart, it will be well worth it.

If you were standing on a blank canvas, what would you create?


Give yourself a little time to dream. Before you begin this 10-15 minute journaling exercise, clear your mind of all limitations. If you notice doubt or fear creep in, just ask it to sit aside for your journal time. Use the following prompts to imagine what you would create:

  • If your heart were completely healed, what would you be able to have in your life?
  • What is it that you would be able to do that you haven’t been able to do up to now?
  • Where would you live? work?
  • What new things would you try? A new hobby? Would you take up an activity that you haven’t participated in for years?
  • How might you look at the world differently?
  • If you had the feeling in your heart that you were unstoppable, what actions would you take this week?
  • What old grudges would you drop? What fears would you let go of?
  • If there were no limitations, what would your life look like?

Once you’ve written for about 15 minutes, fold the piece of paper up and place it under your pillow. Read it every night for a week. Feel free to add to it or update it as you re-read it. Let the good feelings build in you as you commit to creating what you want for your life.

Share with me what you discovered about your desires.

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